Practice Areas

Real Estate

The attorneys at Pressman & Kruskal have decades of experience in real estate transactions. We have well-established relationships with the real estate community in Cambridge and the entire Greater Boston Area. 

We handle purchases and sales of properties, condominium matters, and real estate litigation throughout the state.

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Estate Planning

Our estate planning services cover a wide range of clients, including married and unmarried couples, heterosexual and same-sex couples, single persons, parents, etc. 

We prepare wills, trusts and other estate planning documents for our clients.  We also handle the probating of estates. 

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We are experienced litigators, focusing on lead paint poisoning, negligence and other personal injury cases as well as on general civil litigation.

Mr. Pressman and Ms. Kruskal have been responsible for a number of major court decisions in both the Massachusetts and the federal courts. 

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Alternative Family

With many years of experience, we are uniquely familiar with the issues involved in the representation of lesbian,  gay, and unmarried heterosexual clients, including the areas of estate planning, relationship agreements, termination of relationships, and same sex couple adoptions.

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