Alternative Family

The attorneys at Pressman & Kruskal are uniquely familiar with issues involved in the representation of lesbian and gay clients and non-traditional families, including:

  • Same Sex Couple Adoptions: For nearly 20 years Karen Kruskal has represented same-sex couples in adoption cases. She brought the first such case in Norfolk County, and since then has represented clients in adoptions throughout the state.
  • Relationship Agreements: Ms. Kruskal has extensive experience consulting to and drafting agreements for unmarried couples with regard to real estate and other jointly owned property.
  • Estate Planning Documents: Our attorneys are experienced in drafting documents which extend protections to non-traditional families, including powers of attorney, health care proxies, burial instructions, wills and the like.
  • Relationship disputes: We represent unmarried clients whose relationships are ending by negotiating and drafting termination of relationship agreements. If necessary, we represent our clients in court or administrative proceedings to resolve the issues.

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