The attorneys at PRESSMAN & KRUSKAL represent clients in personal injury cases and in other civil litigation. This includes:

  • Lead Paint Poisoning: For nearly 30 years Karen Kruskal and Kurt Pressman have represented children who were the victims of lead paint poisoning. The firm has represented hundreds of children and their families in lead poisoning cases and has been responsible for a number of major Massachusetts court decisions in this area of law. Mr. Pressman and Ms. Kruskal have spoken frequently at conferences and seminars, both in Massachusetts and nationally, and have authored numerous articles on the subject of childhood lead poisoning. Ms. Kruskal served several times as the co-chair of the “National Lead Litigation Conference.” The firm takes lead poisoning cases both directly from clients and by referral from other attorneys.   
  • Other Personal Injury Cases: Our attorneys handle automobile accident cases, wrongful death cases, product liability cases and other negligence cases. We are effective in negotiating settlements for our clients where possible, but if necessary, represent our clients in court actions and administrative proceedings. The firm takes personal injury cases both directly from clients and by referral from other attorneys.                
  • General Litigation: We handle a variety of civil litigation cases, including real estate litigation, small business litigation, and landlord-tenant litigation.

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